Neversink flood update

Above: Big Tree Field at the Frost Valley YMCA in Claryville this morning. Photo by Frost Valley YMCA. Below: Photo of Claryville Fire Dept. by Jennifer Grimes.

County Bridge 364 is washed out, says the Catskill Chronicle.

"The County will send a bridge crew out to replace the support early next week after the water levels have gone down. The bridge is constructed of timber stringers and deck.” 

Over in Claryville, Jennifer Grimes shot some video in the wee hours this morning. Check it out at her blog, where she writes:

In my infinite wisdom, I did not set up my sump pump before going to bed, so I dragged the hose, hooked it up to my very average sump pump and got that going, but not before grabbing various bottles of beer and unopened Bombay Sapphire, a remnant from a summer party. I may need it.

No kidding. Around noon, she ventured out:

Well, after a walk to the store, there was more drama than I’d expected. Seems Sawmill Rd contributes mightily to the surrounding area’s flooding woes. Water flowed clear across the road and surrounded the Denning Town Hall, through the Boncek’s property, running through the next two lawns (secretly wishing it would wash away that horrible wreck of a place in the middle...), down the other side around Steve & Christine’s (are you guys home?) continued down the road and surrounded Jimmy & Barbara Ackerley’s place, and so on.

Further down Claryville Rd there was apparently 3 feet of water around the Breiner’s place. One firefighter had water up to the running board of his jeep and the whole floor is soaked.

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