Nevele sale too good to be true

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated along with the Long Island Business News and Times Herald-Record that the Nevele had finally been sold. Well, it was under contract, anyway. Which is just paperwork, right?

Wrong. The THR's Adam Bosch reports that a few things still stand in the way of the sale. Among them: a lawsuit from the current owner's partner, $5 million in debt, an email to local officials that smells like a shakedown, and empty-sounding promises of bringing the Black Eyed Peas to Ellenville.

The tenor of discussions between local officials and Tricon has county lawmakers wondering if the deal is real.

"I've seen tactics like this before, and every time it's turned out to be smoke and mirrors," said Legislator Joe Stoeckeler, D-Ellenville.

Bosch also has a terrific blog post breaking down the various debts the Nevele and its owner are saddled with. It's amazing what an enterprising reporter can find at the county clerk's office.

First haggis, now this. It's sad, really.