National livestock-tracking program dead? Maybe!

The NYT reports that the National Animal Identification System, a proposed program for tracking all US livestock with implanted microchips, has been scrapped. This is welcome news for a lot of small farmers:

...the system quickly drew the ire of many farmers and ranchers, particularly cattle producers. Some objected to the cost of identification equipment and the extra work in having to report their animals’ movements. Others said they believed the voluntary system would become mandatory, that it was intrusive and that the federal government would use it to pry into their lives and finances.

The Daily Yonder, an online rural news outlet, doesn't believe the NAIS is dead, just shifting focus.

The USDA plans to "convene a forum with animal health leaders" from the states and the Tribes to "initiate a dialogue" about ways to build a new NAIS. What does all this mean? Stay tuned.