Moguls on moguls

Hungry young entrepreneur shares a ski lift with multi-million-dollar venture capitalist; gets a few minutes suspended in air to make a pitch for funding. It sounds like a movie plot. But it's a networking event at Hunter Mountain next month: Peak Pitch 2010.

Is skiing the new golf? Pairing off entrepreneurs with VCs on the ski lift is pretty genius. It's got everything: adrenaline, terror and GoreTex.

The FAQ on Peak Pitch's website says you don't have to know how to ski.

Peak Pitch is not a skiing competition. Ability to ski will not reflect on your abilities as an entrepreneur or investor. The spirit of the event is based upon enjoying the great outdoors to create an informal and constructive environment to share business ideas and interests.

Perhaps. But it seems bad form to creep down the bunny hill, knees locked in a snowplow, in front of a guy you're going to hit up for half a mil over hot chocolate.