Livetweeting a calf birth

Sometimes it pays off to sit at home on your computer on a Saturday night like a big dork. Because awesome things happen. Like dairy farmers posting live pics on Twitter of their cows giving birth. @NYFarmer tweets: - Calf is starting to pop out, hooves showing - Wow, cow is ready to pop calf, hooves out - Cow contractions beginning! Will let her push 4 while - 1st cow contractions starting, will let tweets know when time 2 pull

Ran to house 4 glass of Bully Hill Pinot Grigio wile waiting 4 cow 2 start labor - Pull, tweets! - PULL, tweets, calf coming fast! - Calf coming out! - A beautiful little heifer - Newly delivered heifer calf!

Fast delivery, father was sire from Artificial Insemination selected from catalog of bulls

tweets, thanks 4 help, signing off as vet is yelling @ me to milk colostrum out and feed new heifer XX thanks again! mooooah!

Photo, naturally, by @NYFarmer. Via Twitpic.