The Gray Lady meets the Gunks

The New York Times accompanies a gaggle of fathers and daughters up the cliffs, and then afterwards to New Paltz, all the while congratulating itself on its touristic originality: 

This was a departure from an otherwise typical tourist itinerary in the city. Fresh from seeing Ellis Island and the Broadway musical “West Side Story,” the group made its way to New Paltz, the town nearest the Gunks. A hippie vibe prevails there, and a long day of climbing is best followed by a stop at one of its burger pubs or vegan cafes.

But first there were rocks to scale. The dads and daughters picked up gear like helmets, harnesses and climbing shoes from Rock & Snow, a climbers’ hub in town. That’s where they arranged to meet two guides from Alpine Endeavors, one of a handful of guiding services in New Paltz, whom they had hired to show them the ropes, literally.