Got flood damage?

If so, be sure to fill out a FEMA damage-assessment form and give it to your town code enforcement officer. The Woodland Valley View points out the importance of documenting just how much damage was done in the October 1st floods:

If you own a business or a primary residency in Ulster or County that had any kind of structural damage in the flood on Oct. 1, 2010, it is urgent that you print and fill out a FEMA Residential and Business Damage Assessment Form and send it to your Town Code Enforcement Officer. Click Here for the form. Please share this form with other people who may have incurred damages from the flood. The town and county need to document the amount of property damage that has occurred in order to establish the need for FEMA public assistance funds. Public assistance is triggered if $600,000 or more in damages is documented for Ulster County in addition to $25 million in damages statewide.

For photos, videos and other coverage of the recent floods around the Catskills region, check out our October 1st flood archive.

Photo of flooding in Big Indian, town of Shandaken, taken October 1, 2001 by Pierre Levesque. Reproduced with permission.