Gaby's: Master of the molcajete

Come for the fresh guacamole, stay for the pineapple-infused tequila. Hudson Valley Magazine's Lynn Hazlewood checks out Gaby's Cafe, a new-ish Mexican place in Ellenville, and declares it delectable:

It’s a casual little place, painted in bright, fruity colors with a corrugated steel bar trimmed in lime green where the chef does his thing. The owner, Genaro Garcia, makes that guacamole at your tableside using a traditional molcajete, a mortar carved from volcanic rock, like the ones the Aztecs used back in the day. Guacamole comes spicy, medium or mild. Applying the Goldilocks principle (spicy = too spicy; mild = not spicy enough; medium = just right), I can now report that the medium preparation has a pleasant tang, and that fresh cilantro can brighten a dreary day.