Delaware County formally accuses Cuomo of violating 1997 agreement

Delaware County Board of Supervisors chairman Jim Eisel submitted a grievance today to the Watershed Protection and Partnership Council.

**Update: It has come to our attention that the letter below is a draft.

***Update 2: The county has sent it to the WPPC.

In the letter, Eisel claims that:

the actions of the Attorney General in creating his own set of regulations for the management of excess pharmaceuticals and forcing small poor rural health care facilities to implement his program subject to fines, stipulated penalties, his attorney fees, and without any opportunity to negotiate a practicable and legal solution has destroyed the trust created by the MOA and destroyed any sense of security that the upstate communities had that the MOA would ensure that the State, EPA and the City would operate openly, in good faith and in cooperation with their upstate partners in protecting the City Water Supply.

Full text below.


WPPC Dispute - 3 February 2010