Catskill: STILL boiling their water

If there's a contest for which village got the worst of it in the October 1st floods, Catskill is probably winning. Sure, Phoenicia had some road damage, and their Main Street smelled like fuel oil for a couple of days. And we heard there were fish on the soccer field in Delhi. But poor Catskill has been under a boil-water order for almost a week. The Daily Mail reports:

A boil water order for the village of Catskill remains in effect Wednesday — the longest such alert in at least a generation — according to Mike McGrath, the village’s assistant water superintendent.

The order was issued midday Sunday and is due to the large amount of runoff from the recent heavy rains. The additional water has created high levels of turbidity, overwhelming the filtration plant, McGrath said.

McGrath estimated the order could be in effect for another three or four days.

Ouch. The article says Coxsackie is now boiling their water as well, after a water main break yesterday.