Beware the enraged beavers of the Esopus

Last week's Phoenicia Times raises the terrifying specter of rabid attack beavers on our waterways:

On Tuesday July 13, one or more beavers attacked and bit two swimmers and one person tubing in the Esopus Creek, about half a mile upstream from the Woodland Valley Bridge. Initial reports indicate that two boys between 10 and 13 years old had both been seriously bitten, the younger with two bites and the older with seven bites. Both were taken to Kingston Hospital for treatment, which is expected to include rabies shots. A third person was attacked while tubing; the beavers reportedly bit and deflated the tube but its rider was uninjured.

Also in the PT: the new Farm to Table startup at Tech City is hoping to foster local food businesses, the Onteora school board won't talk about why it canned the superintendent, and the endless Phoenicia sewer drama promises to drag on forever.