Another 'marihuana' bust in Delaware County

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office is on a roll this week. According to a press release sent out today, sheriff's deputies bagged 146 pot plants in Sidney yesterday, which will go nicely with the 69 they found last week in Delhi and Davenport

On Tuesday morning, Delaware County Sheriff's Deputies located and seized one hundred forty six (146) marihuana plants on Parker Hollow Road in the Town of Sidney. An investigation to identify those responsible for the cultivation of the marihuana is continuing.

And, yes, they're still stubbornly using the traditional Spanish spelling for the drug in their press releases. 

UPDATED: The ever-knowledgable Adam Bosch, on Twitter at the Times Herald-Record, tells us why police departments all over New York State spell "marijuana" with an "h:"

A lot of police departments spell it that way because it's the way it's spelled in the NYS penal law...I got yer answer

And yes, it seems that he's exactly right. Here's the New York Times explaining the issue in 2007:

“Marijuana” is standard usage, but “the public health law and the penal law have always spelled it with an H,” explained Assemblyman Richard N. Gottfried, the sponsor of the bill (the Senate version has not come up for a vote). “That’s the official New York state statutory spelling.”

Duly noted. Now here's the real question: How much mockery will it take to make the legislature change the spelling?