Above the snowman line

A snowman at Buck Ridge Lookout on West Kill Mountain, at 3,500 feet of elevation. Photo by Bob Moses. 

Our correspondent Aaron Bennett, the regional director of the Catskill Mountainkeeper, led a hike up West Kill mountain in Greene County on Saturday. He reports that the snowy season has definitely begun up there, and sent along the photo above to prove it:

With two consecutive mornings to recent snow on the high peaks, we encountered up to 2" of powder above 3,500' elevation. Although there were no views because the summit was under the cover of clouds all day, we did enjoy gazing at the fresh blanket of snow beneath out feet and on the red spruce and balsam fir trees.

Speaking of snow, it is really coming down here in Andes right now. Looks like it's doing the same in Windham, too, according to Windham Mountain's Facebook page. And WGXC reports via Twitter that most of Greene County is getting flurried: "Salt trucks driving through flurries from Cairo up to Windham where temperature is at freezing."