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Lissa Harris is the founder and publisher of the Watershed Post.


Apr. 12, 2010
New York History reports that the Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown is looking for students for its summer Young Interpreters program. Sounds like a blast: The museum presents the trades and crafts common to ordinary people of rural 19th-century New York... Read more
Apr. 11, 2010
Warm days, not too much wind, and spring flowers exploding into bloom: a perfect recipe for pollination. This orange-belted bumblebee (Bombus ternarius) was hard at work around noon today on a cherry bush in Delhi. Photo by Lissa Harris.
Apr. 10, 2010
The DEP recently announced the purchase of another 1,026 acres of land in New York City's west-of-Hudson watershed, prompting howls of outrage from the usual suspects. Dean Frazier, Delaware County Watershed affairs commissioner, spoke at a public... Read more
Apr. 7, 2010
Pure Catskills, the local-food-and-farms program run by the Watershed Agricultural Council, is running a photo contest. Instructions from their blog: Each photo entered will: • Feature a local farm and/or food theme • Feature a location or a business in... Read more
Apr. 7, 2010
Best story yet in the relentless barrage of news coming out of Cooperstown: NYT reporter/heir A.G. Sulzberger breaks a date to cover the story (haven't we all?), orders a Diet Coke (but he's so slim already!), and worries about costing his father's multi... Read more
Apr. 7, 2010
Nonprofit investigative news outlet ProPublica, whose reporter Abraham Lustgarten has been writing exclusively about the risks of horizontal natural gas drilling since 2008, has a new gas story today. At hand: the EPA's upcoming two-year study of the... Read more
Apr. 6, 2010
The Pollyanna of the Week award goes to the Daily Star and its unnamed teenage sources, for their weirdly chipper Day 5 take on the Cooperstown shooting: "Most students unfazed by Cooperstown shooting." But for most students, Monday was a normal day,... Read more
Apr. 6, 2010
Say you're in the area of Oneida, Madison, Otsego, Broome, Chenango, Montgomery and Schoharie counties. You're having a tough time getting tourists excited about visiting. "Leatherstocking Region" just isn't bringing in the crowds like it used to. What... Read more
Apr. 1, 2010
Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office isn't the most press-friendly shop in town, even for New York state government. When the Watershed Post was reporting on their recent actions against hospitals in the NYC watershed, I wasn't able to get a comment... Read more
Mar. 31, 2010
The accuracy of results in a four-way race for two Walton village trustee slots are being questioned, says the Daily Star. When Walton Village Clerk Jody Brown tallied the votes, she announced that Patrick Meredith won election with 209 votes, and... Read more
Mar. 29, 2010
This morning, I left Delhi before dawn to make the four-hour trek to Batavia for a meeting between the state's beleaguered dairy farmers and the Department of Justice's Christine Varney. I'm delighted to report that there's free wifi at Genessee... Read more
Mar. 28, 2010
There's a tremendous appetite out there for local foods, and it's growing. Farmers are willing to feed the market. A growing network of distributors and retailers is having great success selling food from small farms. But there's a huge gap in the local... Read more
Mar. 27, 2010
Last Sunday, Lissa Harris and Julia Reischel of the Watershed Post attended Farm to Market Connection, a networking conference for farmers and food buyers in Liberty, NY. It was a rare view of the local food economy: a community of farmers, foodmakers,... Read more
Mar. 23, 2010
Delhi resident Keith Daury, whose backyard was overtaken by the swollen West Branch of the Delaware River this afternoon, decided to make the best of it. "I think I lost my picnic table," he said.  
Mar. 22, 2010
Frequent Fox News commentator Dick Morris aimed a rhetorical blunderbuss between New York Congressman Scott Murphy's eyes yesterday over his vote for the healthcare reform bill, calling him and seven other legislators "traitors."  Those all voted no... Read more
Mar. 22, 2010
It's become an annual tradition for high school students from New York City and its upstate watershed communities to get together to talk about the science and policy of the NYC watershed. Last week, the Ashokan Center hosted 30 students from John Bowne... Read more
Mar. 22, 2010
March flowers: Female flowers of the silver maple, Acer saccharinum In 1922, T.S. Eliot called April the cruelest month. Since then, global warming may have pushed the ficklest season’s sweet torments into March. As of last weekend, it’s officially... Read more
Mar. 21, 2010
We're at the Pure Catskills Farm to Market conference in Liberty today, hobnobbing with farmers, buyers, distributors and foodies of all stripes. We'll be posting later--in the meantime, feel free to follow us on Twitter: @watershedpost.