Julia Reischel


May. 28, 2010
In the Catskills this weekend and have no idea how to celebrate Memorial Day? Here's our picks of the best of the weekend's parading, feasting, and memorializing. Tannersville Rubber Duck Race & Crazy Boat Race First, hundreds of rubber duckies go... Read more
May. 26, 2010
It's been rough running a newspaper in the Catskills this week. A flaming power line took out the Daily Star's power for most of last night, causing significant delays to today's paper. The Star was able to report on its inability to report, however:... Read more
May. 24, 2010
Tonight is the May meeting of the Delhi Central School District Board of Education, which governs a school district that is angrily divided over Delaware Academy High School principal Richard Hughes, who has been accused by some parents of running the... Read more
May. 8, 2010
Cathryn Platine, the Reverend Mother of the Maetreum of Cybele.  Palenville’s loudest property tax critic is a witch. Cathryn Platine, a towering 60-year-old pagan who can trace her ancestry back to one of the witches who was hung in Salem in 1692, is... Read more
May. 6, 2010
Should Ulster County spend over $700,000 on New York City subway ads, or on commercials on "Good Morning America?" High-falutin' consultants favor the first option, while local businesspeople favor the second, according to the Times Herald-Record, which... Read more
Apr. 28, 2010
A whole bunch of village, town and county officials in Ulster County are probably wishing that they'd never heard of Richard-Enrique Ulloa, a man whom they accused of fraud and extortion in a civil lawsuit filed in federal court a week ago. According to... Read more
Apr. 19, 2010
Why don't more farmers grow nuts? That's what Jerry Henkin, a member of the Northen Nut Growers Association, wants to know. We met Henkin last month at the Farm to Market Connection conference last month in Liberty, NY, where he showed us a slew of... Read more
Apr. 17, 2010
Updated: SCCC President Mamie Howard Golladay disputes the Sullivan County Democrat's (and the Watershed Post's) take on the windmill debacle. See the email below. Sullivan County and Sullivan County Community College are trapped in a contract that... Read more
Apr. 14, 2010
That's what the experts on last night's panel about tiny Fleischmanns, NY, said. They were discussing the movie "Bienvenidos a Fleischmanns," by filmmaker Jessica Vecchione, which chronicles the growth of a vibrant Mexican community in the village over... Read more
Apr. 14, 2010
That's filmmaker Jessica Vecchione, discussing the making of her flim "Bienvenidos a Fleischmanns" last night at the Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta. The screening of the documentary, which is about the village of Fleischmanns in Delaware... Read more
Apr. 12, 2010
Four of the six alleged sexual-abuse victims of accused Margaretville priest James McDevitt are suing the Albany Catholic diocese, in hopes of recovering an unspecified amount of money. If they succeed, they'll join just a handful of accusers to get cash... Read more
Mar. 31, 2010
The Watershed Post reaches about 50,000 online readers a month in the Catskills region and the greater NYC metropolitan area. We also publish two annual magazines, the Catskills Food Guide and Catskills Outdoor Guide, and distribute 20,000 copies of... Read more
Mar. 28, 2010
The pretty packages at your grocery store make it look so easy. Don't be fooled: Getting your lovingly handcrafted local food product onto those shelves is a byzantine process that requires sweat, start-up capital, nerves of steel, and, of course, a... Read more
Mar. 26, 2010
The Daily Star was onhand last night to watch a Lake Otsego conservationist debate a drilling consultant about the science of fracking. Win McIntyre, the "watershed coordinator" for the Otsego Lake Watershed Supervisory Committee, went first before the... Read more
Mar. 25, 2010
Mar. 25, 2010
The Watershed Post interviews George and Duane LaFever, Catskill maple syrup producers. It's the peak of New York's annual maple festival, and local tappers are saying the maple syrup yield in the Catskills is worse than it's ever been. An... Read more
Mar. 19, 2010
Something strange haunts a certain house on North Manheim Boulevard in New Paltz. You may have noticed it. One recent commentor on the Ulster Publishing forum did: If you are driving on Henry Dubois Road in New Paltz where it intersects with North... Read more
Mar. 18, 2010
The Watershed Post editorial team took advantage of an unseasonably warm afternoon to swing by Opus 40 yesterday, which, we discovered, is closed in the winter except by appointment. (And, we assume, except for prospective buyers.) But while we were in... Read more
Mar. 16, 2010
A few dozen Delaware Academy parents and students gathered at the American Legion in Delhi on Monday, March 15 to ask the state to remove Richard Hughes from his post as the Delaware Academy Central School High School principal. The turnout, of about 35... Read more
Feb. 9, 2010
The polls opened at noon today at the New Paltz High School for a vote on whether or not to approve a $50 million bond bill to renovate the Middle School. Temperatures have been rising steadily as the vote has approached, according to the New Paltz Times... Read more