By Lissa Harris on Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010 - 9:49 pm
By WP Newsroom on Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010 - 6:13 pm
Public school lunch is generally a joyless affair: mystery-meat sloppy joes, frozen tater tots, canned string beans that last saw dirt and sunlight sometime in the Clinton administration. But for one glorious day this week, Delaware Academy students in... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010 - 2:49 pm
Incontrovertible evidence that New York City is losing its collective marbles.
By Lissa Harris on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010 - 10:17 am
The Freeman reports it was a landslide: 2,561 to 983. School board Trustee Daniel Torres, 19, said the number of voters was “probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen. No matter what happens at this point, it’s democracy in action.”
By Julia Reischel on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010 - 1:09 pm
The polls opened at noon today at the New Paltz High School for a vote on whether or not to approve a $50 million bond bill to renovate the Middle School. Temperatures have been rising steadily as the vote has approached, according to the New Paltz Times... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010 - 4:19 pm
SUNY New Paltz student Steve Deffabia reports that his study abroad program in Cardiff has gotten off to a rocky start: We get to the baggage claim area where it is just me, Nina, and Christine waiting for our luggage. Christine grabs hers. Nina snatches... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010 - 11:43 am
A blogger at New Paltz Gadfly is steaming over the theft of his feisty pro-middle-school yard sign. This morning I discovered that the sign, which was secured to a tree in my yard by and Eagle Scout well acquainted with knots, was missing. New Paltz is... Read more
By Lissa Harris on Monday, Dec. 7, 2009 - 2:28 pm


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