"Merrickville Days" ~ Reading & Book Signing, October 13

Visit the Delaware County Historical Association in Delhi on Thursday, October 13th at 6:30pm as the museum sponsors a reading and book signing by author Eleanor “Ellie” Wilson. Ms. Wilson will read from her new book Merrickville Days.

Merrickville Days is the story of two years in the lives of Jessie and Walter DuMond, 1907 and 1908, in western Delaware County. Most of the story takes place in and between Walton and Franklin, and it is centered in the tiny settlement called Merrickville, a few miles south of Franklin. These were two important years in their lives, as they were married in October 1907 and their first child was born in November 1908, and they kept diaries of these two years, on which the story is based. The book adds dialogue and fills in situations to create a narrative based on the diaries, and interest is added with photographs, both of the family and of local places.

Ellie Wilson grew up in small-town New York State but has spent her adult life in Wisconsin. She has a PhD from the University of Wisconsin and has taught college and worked as a copy editor. She is now mostly retired. She has published three books on a variety of topics as well as serving as commissioned editor for a reference book. Like her mother before her, who grew up in Merrickville, she loves and is nourished by the hills of New York State, and loves getting back to her rural roots.

A question and answer period will follow Ms. Wilson’s presentation, along with a chance to purchase a signed copy of her book. Refreshments served. Free and open to the public.

For more information call DCHA at 746-3849, e-mail dcha@delhi.net , or on the web at: www.dcha-ny.org .