This week at the Western Catskills Community Warehouse in Stamford...

   The Western Catskills Community Warehouse (WCCW) is open for business on Fridays and Saturdays in the Village of Stamford, offering new and gently used building materials, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, appliances, architectural salvage, and more. The Western Catskills Community Warehouse is being operated by Western Catskills Community Revitalization Council, Inc. (WCCRC) and all proceeds will benefit WCCRC’s programs and services.

  Our featured item this week is a stunning, gently used and minimally priced 36" wide bathroom vanity with sink top (pictured below), which can be found locally at the Community Warehouse at 76 Main Street in the Village of Stamford.

  All items for sale at the WCCW are donated by area businesses, contractors, and individuals and are on display in the delightful showroom located conveniently on Main Street. WCCRC is requesting charitable donations of new and gently used merchandise for the WCCW, including kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cabinetry and countertops, appliances, flooring and siding, tools and other items. Please contact WCCRC for the Donation Guidelines at 607-652-2823 or

  Regarding the concept behind the Western Catskills Community Warehouse, WCCRC Executive Director Velga Kundzins states: “The Community Warehouse will be a store where families and individuals working on their homes, as well as other community members, can purchase a broad spectrum of materials at very affordable prices. The contractors WCCRC works with have been enthusiastic about the idea since it was presented to them and are now making generous donations, providing fantastic merchandise to display in the showroom. We appreciate the excellent community support we have received. This, coupled with an ideal storefront location to work with, has allowed us to move forward with the idea. With this project we are also looking forward to expanding our educational services for homeowners.”

  The Community Warehouse manager, Doug Senterman, states: "We are very happy to assist the community by offering items for home improvements at minimal prices: enabling all families and individuals the opportunity to make improvements and repairs to their homes. The community warehouse is a win - win for towns in our area: all proceeds benefit WCCRC, enabling our nonprofit organization to continue our work rehabilitating homes for low and moderate income families and conducting Main Street Revitalization projects."

  The Western Catskills Community Warehouse opens its doors at 10:00 a.m. on Fridays and is open until 4:00 p.m. Saturday hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm.

  WCCRC is a long-established 501(c) 3 not-for-profit Rural Preservation Company providing assistance for housing repairs and renovation, Main Street revitalization programs, senior housing and more, in an 18-town service area in Delaware, Greene and Schoharie counties. WCCRC’s mission is to cooperate with local, state and federal governmental and civic bodies in aiding, assisting and fostering the planning, development, renewal, and improvement of housing and other buildings in the counties of Delaware, Greene, and Schoharie, for the primary purpose of revitalizing communities and securing improved housing, commercial buildings and community facilities.