Tonight’s Show: Catskill History Trivia Quiz

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On tonight’s show we’ll be having a Catskill History Trivia Quiz to test our knowledge & historical awareness of these mountains & surrounding hills. Paul Misko will be running the quiz show. He has been on FROM THE FOREST on numerous occasions to talk about local history, hiking, & one of his favorite naturalists – John Burroughs. In fact, John Burroughs’s great granddaughter – Joan Burroughs – will be on the show too. Tune in at 91.3 FM or stream online @

Bow season had officially begun October 1st and found me that morning 20 feet in a tree; waiting for a deer. The comfortable weather lulled me in & out of sleep. I thought to myself – as I have in the past – “there’s no deer here.” The gently swaying smoothbark hickory tree seemed to overpower my urge to stay awake & back again I went. This time when I opened my eyes was a beautiful doe looking away from me & into the adjacent field. Surely she saw me, or heard me bobbing my head during REM sleep. Nope. Surely, she’ll move in the opposite direction. Nope. Surely, she’ll be behind some stubborn branch or twig offering a poor shot. Nope. You know, the 1st week of deer hunting often finds me lacking in the predator department; it’s something that has to be awakened. But, I had to remind myself that I didn’t get all dressed up for nothing, miss a day from work, or a morning making breakfast for my wife. And, here I was & there she was & this was as good as a time as any. Oh yeah, I remember now, why I’m here. One down.

May the forest be with you,
Ryan Trapani
Education Forester
Catskill Forest Association

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