Wednesday Night’s Show: Catskill Trees with Gary Mead – Aspen or Poplar

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Wednesdays 6PM – 7PM

Every 3rd Wednesday we talk to Gary Mead about a different tree found in or near the Catskill Mountains. Every tree is different, and there is always something unique & special we find out about it. Tonight we’ll be discussing the ASPEN or POPLAR tree. Aspen grows not only in Aspen, Colorado but ranges trans continentally through northern North America. It is especially important in the paper & waferboard industry (aspenite) and is extremely important for ruffed grouse (partridge). Gary will tell us how he uses aspen in his mill and his art.

Gary Mead is the owner of Fruitful Furnishings. Fruitful Furnishings began in 1979 as a custom furniture shop. Within ten years, a sawmill was added for producing dimension parts and providing custom sawing, planing, and kiln drying services to customers wishing to furnish their homes with wood from their own trees. More recently, Gary has added Gary Mead Gallery – located at the mill-site – which showcases one-of-a-kind pieces made from wood. Tune in at 91.3 FM or stream online @ to learn more.

The darkest days are upon us; didn’t mean to sound morbid, but seriously they are. We’re coming up upon the shortest days of the year. But, hey, on the bright side we could be maple sugaring in a couple of months. I’ve tapped as early as mid-January, but normally in the second half of February. We’ll see.

May the forest be with you,
Ryan Trapani
Education Forester
Catskill Forest Association